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Thank you for your interest in our practice.

An excellent opportunity for a special doctor to practice in Raleigh, NC!


A Little Bit About Us

I am a Life graduate who has been practicing in Raleigh, NC since 1995.  I was the 2nd Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor to be licensed in the State of North Carolina.  When I moved to Raleigh, I did not know a soul but I was determined to build a successful practice from the ground up one handshake and one hug at a time.  We are a 99.9% referral based, cash practice with a 4+ week waiting list for New Patients. We do not participate in any insurance network except Medicare.  Our focus is on correcting the Atlas subluxation first then follow up with Activator adjustments. We see patients of all age ranges with all types of conditions. We are 90% paperless using ChiroSpring EHR and have a brand new (2022) digital x-ray system on site.  We have a strong reputation in our community and with other healthcare professionals.  We are proud to have been voted one of Raleigh’s Best Chiropractic offices for the past 7 years.

Ideal Candidate

Do you want to practice at a pace that allows you to connect with each patient and build trust?  Do you want financial freedom from insurance companies?  Do you want to jump into a thriving practice with patients who “get it”?

We are looking for a doctor who wants to specialize in adjusting patients using Atlas Orthogonality (or a Grostic based technique) and Activator Methods.  Ideal candidates should be Proficient in Atlas Orthogonality and Activator Methods who are ready to see patients on Day One, but we are here to train and mentor a Doctor who needs that as well. We believe the following characteristics are critical for success – be self-motivated and driven for success, an excellent communicator, able to show compassion and confidence, have proficient diagnostic, radiology and adjusting skills.  Must have (or be able to qualify for) an active NC chiropractic license.

The Opportunity

I have reached a point in my chiropractic career where I am ready to take a step back. I am ready to sell my practice, including equipment, intellectual properties and good will, to a doctor who is wanting to practice chiropractic using our successful model of combining AO and Activator.  I understand that the thought of ownership can be scary for some, so that is NOT a prerequisite for this position.  However, I would like the next Doctor to be someone who is interested in exploring a turnkey opportunity.  I can stay on in a limited capacity to continue to help to adjust patients and to mentor and provide support.

Or, if you would rather work as a full time associate doctor without the responsibilities of ownership, that option exists as well.  Starting salary, based on experience, is $80,000 plus other perks.

I have been working 2.5 days per week since the COVID pandemic began, however, the practice remains very profitable.  There is another part time DC who covers the other 2.5 days per week allowing the office to be open 5 days per week.  We have 2 full time CAs including one who is a certified radiology tech – both are planning to stay.  The office/location is a rental situation, but a real estate purchase is open for discussion as well if that is important to you.

  • Strong reputation for effective chiropractic care
  • Strong reactivation rate
  • Debt free
  • Very profitable

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who wants to live in a great town with tons of growth potential.  Financials and proprietary details will be provided to qualified candidates who express serious interest.

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If this could be you or someone you know, please email me:

Please keep this opportunity and the information in this post 100% confidential.

Thank you!