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Meet Dr. Manon Fielding

Dr. Manon Fielding

Hello, everyone! I’m very excited to be joining the Atlas Chiropractic family!

For many years I had a solo chiropractic practice in both Hillsborough and Durham areas. Family issues took me away to Marietta, GA where I was able to share caretaking responsibilities for my elderly parents while teaching at my former Chiropractic school, Life University School of Chiropractic. This is where I also met Dr. Boccella. After my parents’ passing my daughter and I were missing North Carolina and decided to move back. I recently reinstated my NC Chiropractic license and noted that Dr. Boccella was seeking an Associate Doctor. Dr. Boccella and I have known each other professionally for over 25 years, he was my chiropractor for many of those years and we also have very similar practicing philosophies and techniques. Knowing firsthand that Dr. Boccella was a practitioner with great expertise and integrity made this a perfect opportunity for both of us.

Outside the Practice

Outside of practicing chiropractic, I am also a Certified Energy Codes Coach, helping people overcome the effects of trauma and abuse, relationship difficulties and loss, addictions, and many other life issues. This is what I do on days I am not practicing at Atlas Chiropractic. Everyone needs their spines checked and adjusted and we also can use emotional and spiritual support to live to our highest potential.

At home, I live with my Bernedoodle, Annie. We live by the lake and Annie loves to take walks around the lake and dream of chasing the heron’s, squirrels, and other wildlife! Other pastimes include biking, reading, cooking and playing my violin. In Atlanta I even joined an amateur orchestra and hope to someday do the same in the Raleigh area.

My passion in life is wellness and I have additional education and certifications in Anti-Aging technologies, the Blood Type Diet, Posture Correction and Addiction.

Hope to meet you soon!