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Nutritional Support

Atlas Chiropractic is Proud to Offer Metagenics

Our North Raleigh chiropractic office proudly recommends Metagenics nutritional products. Metagenics has built a reputation of producing nutritional supplements and medical foods that meet the high expectations of healthcare professionals worldwide. Our ultimate concern is serving the best interests of patients who use these products for improving their health, and therefore helping people achieve their genetic potential through nutrition.

Highest Quality

Metagenics will not compromise on safety, efficacy, or quality. Their products are carefully monitored from the raw materials stage through final production. They invest extensively in quality control to assure that our patients are receiving maximum benefit from their products, which also helps our doctors achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

You will probably want to schedule an appointment so your doctor can discuss individual nutritional considerations and lifestyle modifications with you. A complete nutritional program will be recommended, but you will have the option to choose how much nutritional support you can commit to follow.

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